To book the hall, please contact Jacqui Healey on 07748 322533 (you can leave a message if there's no immediate reply) or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Covid-19: new guidance you must read before making a booking

Our hall is available for hire subject to special conditions which we have adopted to reduce risks to users. 

We regret that we are not able to take bookings for parties.

We are now required by law to display the official NHS QR poster.  Anyone hiring our hall must

  • ensure that their attendees use their smartphone and NHS QR poster at the hall entrance to register their attendance, if possible;
  • keep a record of any who do not register using the hall’s NHS QR poster

You must read the following 5 documents in addition to the normal information about hiring.  Government advice may change and you should check that you have seen the most up-to-date versions immediately before your booking rather than relying on downloaded versions.  The version date is shown at the foot of each document.  The latest versions are dated 26 September 2020 except First Aid which is dated 11 August'

Poster - PDF - This explains the main rules. A copy is displayed in the hall

How to set up the hall - PDF - Explains how to set up the hall for various activities taking account of social distancing rules

Risk Assessment - PDF - This explains risks and how they are mitigated. It includes things hirers must do.

First Aid - PDF - This explains what to do if anyone becomes unwell

Special conditions of hire - PDF - You must read these conditions and include a signed copy with your booking form

Please read on for rates, information and booking form

Conditions of hire - PDF - you must read these before you make a booking and confirm on the form that you have done so

Booking form - Word document you can fill up on your computer and email to Jacqui. You will need to go Save As and save it to a convenient place on your computer.

Booking Form - PDF you can print out, fill up by hand in the good old fashioned way and send to Jacqui (address on form)

Our rates are as follows.  These rates apply from 1 January 2016. 

  Main Hall Meeting Room Main Hall and Meeting Room
  Longparish Residents Non-residents and Commercial Longparish Residents Non-residents and Commercial Longparish Residents Non-residents and Commercial

Monday to Thursday 0900-2300

£8/hr £12/hr £5/hr £8/hr £10/hr £15/hr
Friday to Sunday 0900-1800 £8/hr £12/hr £5/hr £8/hr £10/hr £15/hr
Friday to Sunday 1800-2300 £16/hr £25/hr £8/hr £12/hr £20/hr £30/hr


The following rates apply to bookings for parties, large events and weddings.  Additional time for setting up, clearing away, etc, can be hired at the hourly rates above by arrangement with the Bookings Secretary.

Children's Parties (under 15 years)
Main Hall

Any three hours between 0900-1800

  • Longparish Residents £20
  • Non-residents £30

Large parties and social events.
Main Hall and Meeting Room

 Friday, Saturday or Sunday evenings:

  • Longparish Residents £70
  • Non-residents £120

Main Hall and Meeting Room

 1800 Friday to 1200 Sunday

  • Longparish Residents £200
  • Non-residents £300

Crockery, tables and chairs are included when you hire the hall.  They may be hired for use off site by arrangement with the Bookings Secretary.  Table cloths for the round and the large rectangular tables can be hired for £3 each if you return them washed and ironed or £7.50 each including laundry.

A deposit of half the booking fee is required to secure your booking. We also require a security deposit of £100 which is increased to £200 for parties with alcohol and £500 for parties for people under 25 with alcohol. The deposit may be waived for regular bookings and village organisations. This and the balance of the hire fee must be paid two weeks before the booking date.

The Village Hall Committee holds licences for entertainment and the sale of alcohol at the hall. Obviously there are terms and conditions to ensure that events do not cause disturbance. If you are planning an event which needs the licences please speak with Jacqui when you talk to her about booking the hall. There is more about this in the conditions of hire.

How big is the hall

The body of the main hall is about 45' by 22'.

The arch of the stage is 12' 11" wide and 8' 6" high. The stage is 12' deep behind the curtain and extends 15" in front of the curtain.

Village hall plan