Services in the benefice during August 2017



 The Parish Churches

  • St Andrew, Hurstbourne Priors
  • St Nicholas, Longparish
  • St Peter, St Mary Bourne
  • St James, Woodcott

Services in the Parish Churches for August

Sunday 6 August
8.00am St Mary Bourne Holy Communion
9.30 am Longparish Family Communion
11.00 am Hurstbourne Priors Family Communion
6.00 pm St Mary Bourne Evensong
Sunday 13 August
8.00am Longparish Holy Communion
9.30am Hurstbourne Priors Family Worship
9.30am Woodcott Holy Communion
11.00am St Mary Bourne Family Communion
11.00am Longparish Family Worship
6.00pm St Mary Bourne Evensong
Sunday 20 August
9.30am Longparish Family Communion
11.00am St Mary Bourne Family Worship
6.00pm Hurstbourne Priors Evensong
6.00pm St Mary Bourne Evensong and Holy Communion
  Woodcott No Service
 Sunday 27 August
8.00am Hurstbourne Priors Holy Communion
9.30am Longparish Family Communion
9.30am Woodcott Mattins
11.00am St Mary Bourne Family Communion
6.00pm St Mary Bourne Songs of Praise

Midweek Services and other activities in August

Holy Communion:

St Mary Bourne: Thursdays, 9.30am in St Peters

Longparish: Tuesdays, 9.15am at St Nicholas House, Longparish


St Mary Bourne: 


 Messy Church

No meeting in August

Bible Study and Prayers

No meeting in August

Pints of View


Friday Reflections

No meeting in August