Great Longparish Pumpkin Contest

Each year, Longparish holds a Great Pumpkin Contest and we have collections of photos for most of the past Contests.


The 18th Longparish Pumpkin Contest was very well attended and there was the usual high standard of pumpkins. Here are some photos.

Report – 20th October 2012.

Thank you to everyone who supported the Pumpkin Contest.

We managed to raise £265.88 for Longparish Playgroup which is even better than last year. Laura and I would like to thank everyone who volunteered to ensure the afternoon was a success – you know who you all are!! Thank you also to everyone who gave raffle prizes. It was great to see all the amazing pumpkins and the effort that everyone put in. There was a wonderful array of decorated pumpkins and the heaviest came in at 64lbs, the smallest at 0.5oz. That’s over 2000 times lighter! Well done Sam and the Nelson family!

See you all next year!

Sylvia Crook

Here are some photos of the 17th Longparish Pumpkin Contest.