Here's where you'll find reports and photos of events that have happened in the village in the last few years.

We have barely started to copy stuff over here: it will be brought up to date somewhen (at a fairly low priority). In the meantime, you can see our photo galleries on the old website.

If we have a report about a past LCA event, it'll be here. The latest few are listed below to whet your appetite.

What have the Longparish Players been up to?

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Each year, Longparish holds a Great Pumpkin Contest and we have collections of photos for most of the past Contests.


Most years, a motley crowd of Longparishioners and friends dress up as Santa (or something), meet at the shop and run, jog or otherwise shamble to The Plough. Where there is beer, apparently. These events are the Great Santa Dashes and have gone down in history as, well, historical. Sometimes someone remembers to bring a camera and takes pictures that end up here.