Draft Version 1.1


Minutes of a meeting of the Communications Committee held at 2 Forton on
Sunday 6 January 2008

Present: Jeremy Barber, Ricky Bourne, .Mary Jo Darrah, David Gould, Fiona Gould.

Apologies: None – all members were present

08.01 Minutes of the meeting on 28 December 2006 were read and approved.

08.02 Matters Arising – None

08.03 Committee membership

The committee welcomed Ricky who has replaced Mike as vice-chair of the parish council.

The committee expressed its thanks to Cheryl Dowler who has left the committee and stopped being
village correspondent as she has moved from the village.

The committee felt that combining the roles of village correspondent, roving interviewer for Hill & Valley and
detached reviewer of the village website would make an attractive job for a new member of the committee.
Agreed to advertise in Hill & Valley Action JB & MJD

08.04 The Terms of Reference were reviewed and it was agreed that no changes were needed.

08.05 The Parish Council’s Publications policy was felt to be as open as it could be and not in need of detailed

review this year.

08.06 Overview of developments since the last meeting

The Longparish events diary which is distributed monthly with Hill & Valley has gone down well. The
Community Association has been making use of the back of the diary for energy saving tips and latterly for
the membership form.

The new walks leaflet had gone down well and copies were going like hot cakes from the shop and the
pubs. Agreed to post information about it on the notice boards and to consider an article for the Andover

Action JB

The parish council rogues gallery needs updating. JB has this in hand. Action JB

08.07 Annual reception for new villagers

The reception in March 2007 had gone down well. Agreed to hold another on Weds 9 April with fallback
date of Tuesday 15

th April. JB will contact Linda Blundell to ask if she is willing to do the catering. He will

also contact the school to see if they are willing to provide the community hall as the venue for no charge
on the basis that it will advertise the hall and also to ask whether the school would consider showing
people round as part of the event. Fallback venue is the village hall. Action JB

The committee felt that the process for meeting and greeting new villagers should be reviewed and
published. Action JB will liaise with Martin Coppen and Gina Snowden

08.08 Handbooks About 50 remain and some of the content is significantly out of date. Agreed that MJD will

lead on updating the content and leave pagination and preparation for printing to DG. The new version will
include some photos and have a glossy cover. Links to websites will be included as appropriate. A free
copy will go to all households. The more transient material (e.g. about clubs and societies) will be moved to
the Directory. Target date for publication is Autumn 2008. Action MJD, DG and all.

Draft Version 1.1

08.09 Directory MJD will make publication of a new version a priority. Action MJD

08.10 Village correspondent JB had been filling in on an ad hoc basis. Agreed that a replacement is needed

and that the new person should be invited to join the committee. (see 8.03 bullet 3)

08.11 Hill & Valley

MJD is willing to carry on as editor though delighted to step down if a successor emerges. She needs
material and would welcome interviews. A roving reporter would be very welcome (see 8.03 3

rd bullet).

She will also consider a ‘Then and Now’ series based on Mary Snow’s photographs.

The Committee heard with great regret that Country Bumpkin had decided to stop writing articles.

The committee felt that free ads should not be a regular feature though they might occasionally be
useful as space fillers.

The magazine was in a good financial state. The cost to the parish would be held at just under £400.

08.12 Website This has been a year of consolidation.

Neil Biddlecombe had kindly scanned Mary Snow’s old photographs and JB will publish them shortly.
Action JB

KidzZone has not yet started to update its pages. Agreed that this should be encouraged. FG will take up
with LCA. The cost of the software will be included in the budget for the year to come. Action FG

DG felt that an external usability review would be very helpful (see 8.03 bullet 3)

08.13 Bid for funding 2008-9

Hill and Valley


Website (including £100 re Contribute software for KidzZone)


Handbook (including colour cover)


Reception for new villagers