Letter from Robert Westell (Raymond Brown) to Raymond Brown Liaison Group members (including representatives of the Parish Council) regarding Planning Application HCC/2022/0193 Variation of Condition 2 (Working Hours) of Planning Permission No 20/01480/CMAN

Dear All


Further to our Liaison Group meeting last week, I write to inform you that Fortis IBA Ltd has today submitted a planning application to vary the existing planning permission to allow the IBA processing facility to operate on Bank Holidays. As I explained that the meeting, the Energy Recovery Facilities (ERFs) that are serviced by Fortis at the A303 Enviropark burn residual waste on an almost continuous basis throughout the year and only have capacity to store up to three days equivalent Incinerator Bottom Ash (IBA) residue at any one time.  Currently, the Enviropark site is unable to receive IBA from the ERFs on Sundays or recognised Public Holidays due to the wording of a planning condition attached to the existing planning permission.  Due to the limited storage capacity and continuous operation and production of IBA at the ERFs, the inability to receive IBA at the Enviropark over both public holidays and Sundays can result in risk to the disruption of Hampshire’s waste management system and infrastructure where these public holidays coincide, for example the Easter, Jubilee and Christmas holidays.


Fortis have historically approached Hampshire County Council as Waste Planning Authority on an ad hoc basis, to request permission to receive deliveries of IBA during these holiday periods.  Consent has previously been granted, however Hampshire County Council have requested that should Fortis continue to require to accept these deliveries, a formal planning application should be submitted in order to regularise the activity.  We are, therefore, applying for planning permission to vary our existing planning permission to allow us to receive and process IBA during Bank Holidays. We still do not intend to operate on Sundays.


We anticipate that the application will ‘go live’ on Hampshire’s website within the next week, or so and the Parish Councils/local residents will have opportunity to comment on the application in the usual way.


I trust the above is self-explanatory, but should you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Kind regards


Robert Westell