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Police Budget Consultation

From now until 3 February 2020, we will be sharing content on the Commissioner's channels encouraging people to complete the budget consultation survey.

The Commissioner will use the information collected to inform his precept proposal, which will be presented to the Police and Crime Panel on 7 February.  Unfortunately the time to consult has been limited by the later than normal policing settlement announcement, which the government released this Wednesday.

Please feel free to use the images and messages below on your own social media channels, but please don't post them after Monday 3 February. We are expecting to close the survey by Wednesday 5 February.

You can right-click to save each image, and copy the text; it doesn't matter which image goes with which piece of text, but please include the whole link. 

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Your council tax in part funds the police, supports victims of crime, and prevents offending. The government has given PCC's the flexibility to increase the policing element of your council tax, and now the PCC wants to hear from you.

Your council tax in part funds the police, supports victims of crime, and prevents offending. Government has given PCCs the flexibility to increase the average policing element of council tax by £10/year. The PCC now wants to hear from you.

The PCC wants to know what you think about the flexibility offered by the government to increase the policing element of council tax by 83p a month for an average Band D property.

Part of your council tax funds the police, and the Commissioner wants to hear from you. Tell us how you think the money should be focused and if the PCC should use flexibility given by government to increase the policing element.

41% of the police's money comes from council tax, and the PCC will be setting the budget soon. What are your views how the PCC should set the policing element of your council tax?

Other resources

The office is currently recruiting for Independent Custody Visitors, particularly in Portsmouth and on the Isle of Wight. It could be a rewarding and valuable role for anyone in your community wanting to volunteer, and particularly if they have an interest in human rights or justice.

Independent Custody Visitors are members of the local community who visit police stations unannounced to check on the treatment of detainees, the conditions in which they are being held and that their rights and entitlements are being observed. Visitors should be good listeners, non-judgemental, unprejudiced and generally have an interest in the community and the welfare of the people detained in police cells.  We are actively seeking to make the profile of our visitors more diverse and we welcome applications from all members of the community.

Find out more about being a custody visitor, and find out how to apply.

The Big Conversation

The Youth Commission is a brilliant opportunity for a wide range of young people to gain new knowledge, skills and experiences, and have their say on crime and policing issues that matter most to them.

It enables young people aged 14-25 to support, challenge and voice young people's opinions from all across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, to help shape decisions about policing and crime.

Each year, the Youth Commission speak to young people across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight to get their concerns, views and ideas. Last year they spoke to 2,645 young people about their concerns and set their new priorities.

They are now consulting on their 2020 priorities: exploitation, hate crime, and serious violence. Ask young people aged 14-25 in your communities to take the survey now (it only takes 3 minutes)!

Safer Pack

Hampshire Constabulary receives over 700 reports of fraud or attempted fraud each month.  Many of these are targeting elderly or vulnerable members of the community, and the consequences can be extremely damaging both financially and emotionally for the victims.

If fraud and scams are an issue in your community, please share the Safer Pack, which is designed to help identify common fraud tactics and empower people to avoid getting conned. There are printable versions of the different fraud types, and a guide to safer online dating is also available.

Anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour is consistently highlighted as a top concern in our communities: 52% of people selected it as making them feel unsafe in one of our recent surveys.  Anti-social behaviour covers a broad spectrum of issues and it can be difficult to know who to report concerns to. 

The PCC's office has produced a guide to reporting ASB and any actions you can take to either prevent anti-social behaviour or help your community to deal with it.
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