The roundabout and the skate ramp at the playground are currently not in use, and we would be grateful if parents/carers can make sure that their children do not attempt to use these facilities at present.

We have ordered new footplates for the roundabout, and as soon as these have been installed, the roundabout will be re-opened.

The skate ramp has been deteriorating for a number of years, and has been patched up and repaired, but is getting to a point where it is now beyond repair.  Many of the wooden parts are rotting, and screws are coming loose, and, as these have been screwed down again and again, or replaced with larger screws, there is very little left to screw into any more.  Parts of the structure can also be pulled off quite easily, which happened earlier this week, and a piece of wood from the skate ramp with a large rusty screw sticking out of it was pulled off and left at the bottom of the slide.  Fortunately, no-one was injured on this occasion.  The decision was therefore made to close off this facility until a solution can be found.

A Working Party is putting together a plan to refurbish the playground, and the Parish Council is looking forward to receiving their proposal very soon.

Many thanks for your patience and co-operation.

Sally Lawman

Clerk, Longparish Parish Council