Who's who on your council?

You are welcome to contact any councillor to discuss council business. The Parish Council Standing Orders, Code of Contact and Declarations of Interest can be found here. Formal communications should be addressed to the Clerk.

Clerk: Miss Sally Lawman
Ladybird Cottage, Stoke, Andover, Hants, SP11 0ND
01264 738716
Christian Dryden
Chairman: Christian dryden
Grebe House, Forton, SP11 6NU
01264 720398
Member of all committees and working parties. Highways Rep.
Vice-Chair Natasha Rouse
127 North Acre
SP11 6QX
01264 720191
Chair of Communications WP, Planning Committee, Hill & Valley Management Committee,
Open Spaces & Footpaths, 
Christian Dryden
Christian Dryden
Grebe House
SP11 6NU
01264 720398
Open Spaces & Footpaths, LCA rep, Highways rep.
Keith Saunders
Keith Saunders
Westbourne House
SP11 6QD
01264 720624
Planning Committee Deputy, Finance
Wayne Sykes
Wayne Sykes
74 North Acre
SP11 6QD
01264 720443
Planning Committee, Open Spaces & Footpaths
James Hillier
James Hillier
SP11 6PG
01264 720016
Chair of Open Spaces & Footpaths WP, Planning Committee
Jim Sawyer
Jim Sawyer
1 The Withies
SP11 6PD
01264 720315
Chair of Planning Committee
Malcom Edwards
Malcolm Edwards
Church Farm Cottage
SP11 6PA
01264 720470
07714 685985
Chair of Finance WP, Planning Committee


David Drew
TVBC local member David Drew
1 Yew Tree Close
Goodworth Clatford
SP11 7RR
01264 357024
07768 244456 (mobile)
Andrew Gibson
County Council local member Andrew Gibson
Test Valley Farm
Little Drove Road
SO20 6AN
01264 861138 (home)
01264 861087 (office)

Committees and Working Parties

Working parties include members who are not members of the Council. They make recommendations to the Council rather than taking decisions on behalf of the Council.

Communications Working Party

Communications Working Party – Natasha Rouse (Chair), Jonathan Frere, Christopher Duxbury, David Gould, Johanne Scotland.

Finance Working Party Malcolm Edwards (Chair), Christian Dryden, Sally Lawman
Planning Committee Jim Sawyer (Chair), all members of the Council
Open Spaces and Footpaths Working Party James Hillier (Chair), Wayne Sykes, Matt Beal, Paul Knipe, Phil Harris, Jenny Jolliffe, David Wearn.
Clerk to the Burial Board Sally Lawman (Parish Clerk), Tel: 01264 738716, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Hill & Valley Management Committee rep Natasha Rouse
Internal Auditor Eleanor Green (trading as Do the Numbers Ltd)
Longparish Community Association Rep Wayne Sykes
Highways Rep Christian Dryden

Parish Lengthsman Co-ordinator

Christopher Duxbury
Southern Water contact Christopher Duxbury
School Governors Link and Community Hall Committee Vacant
Transport rep
Tree Warden Graham Darrah Tel: 720320 email: graham.darrah AT thelittleacorns.net
Village Hall Committee Rep