Longparish Parish Council

We hear that some people may not understand how our PWLB loan works, and how it makes The Plough cost-free for the Parish Council. So here's a quick explanation!

We work together to serve and help make decisions on behalf of our community. 

The damaged swing in the playground has now been taken down, and the PC are researching a suitable replacement.

We are very grateful to receive information of this nature, and ask that any other issues be reported to:

Sally Lawman

Clerk, Longparish PC

Tel: 01264 738716

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Village Design Statement aims to describe the village as it is today and how we would like it to develop. This can then be used to guide planning and development.

Details of applications including plans and background papers are in the planning area of the TVBC website.

If you want to alter or extend your property, including outbuildings and fences, you may well need planning permission from the Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC), especially if you live in the Conservation Area.

Parts of the Parish have been designated a Conservation Area. See the Character Appraisal on the Test Valley website:

In this section we've tried to bring together basic information and contact details for the various levels of Government that can impact on the people of Longparish. If you want to explore further, the Hampshire County Council site, Hantsweb at www.hants.gov.uk is an extremely useful and comprehensive site and is highly recommended.

The Parish Council continues to work towards completion.

On 7 August the Parish Council received borrowing approval from the Secretary of State.

The Parish Council and LCPL's initial offer to the owner of The Plough was rejected. The Parish Council have commissioned a fresh valuation of the premises and are in discussion with LCPL about a revised offer.

Questions raised at the Parish Council meeting on 8 June

Here are the questions we have been asked by villagers, with our answers.

Please tell the Parish Council your view on a PWLB loan

The date for responses to the Parish Council about the PWLB loan for the Plough has been extended to Sunday 21 June.