How the LCA can Help and Support Affiliate Groups

What is an Affiliate Group?

Our constitution defines Affiliate Groups in the following way: “Affiliate Groups are associations and organisations, whether corporate or unincorporated (and including branches of national  or international organisations) which operate solely or in part within the area of benefit, are voluntary or non profit distributing, and which wish to support the objects of the organisation.”

There is a membership fee of £5 per year to be an Affiliate Group of the LCA

Benefits of being an Affiliate Group of the LCA

Being an Affiliate Group of the LCA has a number of benefits which include:

  • Insurance
  • Use of LCA Equipment
  • Banking Services
  • Financial Support


The LCA has a Community Group Insurance Policy with Ansvar Insurance, Policy Number BPP2179417. This provides Employers liability cover of £10,000,000, and Public Liability cover of £2,000,000 for any approved LCA or LCA Affiliate Group activity. Please note, any activities must be approved by the LCA trustees prior to the event concerned for the insurance to be in force

Use of LCA Equipment

The LCA has a large stock of equipment ranging from tea urns to photo scanning equipment. This is available for loan to any Affiliate Group of the LCA. See our website for the full list of equipment available

Banking Services

We can provide a simple cash banking service

Financial Support:

We can provide financial support for Affiliate Groups in a number of ways. These includes 

  • settling bills on your behalf, as long as you have funds banked with us to cover the costs
  • providing start up funds, 
  • offering a “safety net” grant or loan service to cover unexpected cash flow issues 
  • providing grants or loans to cover capital costs (eg equipment)

Please note the following conditions that apply to financial support:

  1. The group or organisation requesting support must be a signed up Affiliate Group of the LCA
  2. The LCA will use funds deposited by the Affiliate Group with the LCA to pay any costs in its behalf
  3. If an Affiliate Group has no funds deposited with the LCA then the Group will need to request a grant or a loan from the LCA to cover specific costs.
  4. As a general rule, we would expect such requests for grants to be for capital items rather than revenue costs. ie we would expect that Affiliate Groups would organise themselves in such a way that they would cover their own day to day running costs.

Andrew Marshall
Treasurer, Longparish Community Association