The Watermill Theatre will be returning to Longparish village hall on Saturday 15th July 2017 with Nesting by Ellen Robertson. More details and tickets nearer the time.

"No, ‘lived in’ is the difference between a show-home and having left the washing up for an evening. This place is

more... 'Died in'.”

Linda is a self-confessed ‘collector’ she has all the necessities - broken umbrellas to match any outfit, unopened
Amazon parcels delivered in 2012, shoes that don’t fit but were a bargain at 75% off and trainers because, one day,
she will definitely take up running. To add to her collection there is Toby, an affectionately named rat who has
decided to join her in her home. Despite the affection for said rat Jonathan, pest control, is called to exterminate him
and any of his family that might also be residing with Linda. Jonathan is the polar opposite, he can’t sleep if the
sponge is in the wrong place by the kitchen sink. Yet despite their differing views on the way to keep their homes
there is an odd attraction between this pair. Fascinated by Linda and her decision to live her life surrounded by
paraphernalia Jonathan offers to help her sort the flat out and against her better instincts Linda takes him up on the
What ensues is the most unlikely of romances, undeterred by their differences the pair find an odd kind of safety in
each other until one day Jonathan makes a huge mistake. Having copied Linda’s keys he sneaks into her house
desperate to surprise her with a beautiful presented home, little does he realise that what Linda will really see is a
man who, rather than giving her a new lease of life has stolen her old one....