Do you belong to a village group or organisation? Is there information about your group or activities on the website? Is it accurate and up to date? We are looking for people to help us keep our website more up to date.

One of the main aims of the recent website update is to allow individuals from village groups and organisations to update and manage their specific area of the website themselves. We hope that this will result in the information on the site being much more relevant and up to date. It will definitely – once the initial set up is completed – reduce the pressure on David and Jeremy who have up until now had most of the responsibility for updating the site.

Getting involved

Get in touch with Fiona on 720709 or by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can talk through what is involved. If you are reasonably familiar with creating documents in editors such as Microsoft Word, you will not find the basics particularly uncomfortable. There will also be a simple, hopefully non-geeky, set of instructions available for you to refer to later.
In order to get started, Contributors will be given log-in details that give access to your particular part(s) of the website eg your club's area; the Village Diary etc. Fiona and David will also spend some time with you setting things up the way you want them and talking you through how to make changes and updates.
We can teach you how to add photos, videos and documents to your area of the site. We will show you how to add the dates of your regular or one-off events to the Village Diary and how to get your articles featured on the website home page.