As you probably know by now the difficult decision was made to postpone the Friends of Longparish School May Fayre.

This is the School and Little School's biggest fundraiser and goes towards the children’s music lessons, school trips and this year FoLS were hoping it would help fund the repainting of the playground lines.

FoLS are asking that if you are in the position to, please could you donate what you’d usually spend at the Fayre. This is an unusual request and we fully appreciate that these are difficult times so if you cannot donate, please could you share this post far and wide so we can try and raise some of what we might have made.

As ever, thank you so much for your continued support.

The plant stall is normally run by Sylvia Crook who grows plants for the School May Fayre.  As this is not happening in May, Sylvia will be putting a table on the drive of Tudor Cottage with various plants.

Selections will change week to week as plants become ready, starting with perennial plants, and some annuals.  Many people have already asked about tomatoes, but these are still a few weeks away yet. If anyone else is lifting or dividing, or has spare plants from recent sowings you could do an exchange, or leave on the table.
In order for this to safely work, Sylvia has asked people to follow these guidelines
  • keep your distance if other people are looking at plants
  • wear gloves when looking at plants so that you are not  cross contaminating the pots
  • Donate directly to FOLs
  • be mindful that I cant supply everyone who wants plants so please take fairly
  • dont come further onto the drive then necessary as I am in the at risk group

      To donate to FOLS - CLICK HERE

Please Note - Longparish Little School wll receive 10% of all donations (as is always the case with the May Fayre)