Community Association

Longparish Community Association (LCA) is a charity that aims to promote the benefit of the people of Longparish without discrimination. It aims to work with the people and organisations in Longparish in a common effort to:

  • Advance education
  • Provide facilities for social welfare, leisure and recreation
  • Improve the conditions of life for the people of Longparish

Membership is open to all and costs only £1 for individuals.

People from outside the village can join as associate members.

Voluntary and non-profit organisations based in Longparish wishing to support the aims and activities of the Community Association can affiliate to the Community Association.

The Membership Forms can be downloaded from the Joining page and the Membership Rules can be found here.

Party tent 

The Longparish Community Association has a party tent which is available for use by LCA members and Affilliate Groups. The tent is 10m long by 4m wide and holds about 60 people standing or 40 sitting.LCA Party Tent

LCA will provide the tent and an expert to help put it up.  You provide at least three helpers, make a donation (min £30) to LCA and give the expert a suitable bottle.  At the discretion of the committee, it is also available free for use by affiliated village organisations for events like the fete.  If you’d like to find out more please contact Jeremy on 720459.

In case we mislay them, here are the instructions!  Plus a video demonstration.

Other Equipment

The following equipment is owned by the Community Association who are keen to make it available for use within our community. Local organisations affiliated to the Community Association are welcome to use the equipment free of charge (although obviously any donations to go towards the cost of equipment replacement would be gratefully received). Individual members of the Community Association are also welcome to borrow equipment for their personal/family use. A minimal charge will be made for a number of the items (marked), although again, donations gratefully accepted! We reserve the right to charge users up to £50 where equipment is damaged.

Please note: none of this equipment is available for trade or commercial purposes.

Movable KidzZone equipment:
  • giant score 4
  • new age curling (for use in village hall)
  • foam ten pin bowling
  • softball
  • padder bats
  • tailball (tennis like game)
  • magnum tumble tower (giant jenga)
  • Dodgeball
Village Hall - KidzZone store

During term time Dave Hopwood 720322or 07766 083488 

During school holidays Fiona Gould on 720709

Discuss with KidzZone leaders to ensure suitability of any alternative venue.

Donations to KidzZone

If anyone wishes to use the equipment in the village hall they should make separate arrangements to book the hall with Jacqui (720560)

  • Wii
Village Hall KidzZone store

During term time Dave Hopwood 720322or 07766 083488 

During school holidays Fiona Gould on 720709

Minimum charge for personal use £10
  • Football kit
Village Hall Container Fiona Gould 720709  Not quite sure where this is........
Not-very-movable KidzZone equipment:
  • Table football
  • Table tennis
  • 2 x Pool table + trolley
  • Air hockey table
Village Hall KidzZone store

During term time Dave Hopwood 720322

During school holidays Fiona Gould on 720709

If anyone wishes to use the equipment in the village hall they should make separate arrangements to book the hall with Jacqui (720560)
Other equipment
Portable computer projector Fiona Gould Fiona Gould 720709 Minimum charge for personal use £10 (Projector plus screen together £15)
50+ wine glasses LCA store - Village hall Fiona Gould 720709  In boxes for easier transportation
24 pint glasses LCA store - Village hall Fiona Gould 720709 In a box
Marquee/party tent With Jeremy Jeremy Barber 720459 Minimum charge for personal use £30 and a bottle of wine. Includes assistance with erection.
Tipi Currently at Longmead House Fiona Gould 720709 The instructions are here.

Screen - 180 cm wide

Needs to hang off something

With Fiona Fiona Gould 720709 Minimum charge for personal use £10 (Projector plus screen together £15)
Set of display boards LCA store - Village hall Fiona Gould 720709 8 x A1 but only 6 currently have the right fittings. Self standing or can be used on a table. If you use staples to attach things, please remove them before returning the boards or they can cause injury.
Large charcoal BBQ Jeremy’s Jeremy Barber 720459 Minimum charge for personal use £10
Large gas BBQ Jeremy’s Jeremy Barber 720459 Minimum charge for personal use £10 plus gas
Flip chart easel LCA Store - village hall Fiona Gould 720709  Getting a bit tatty
30m orange plastic hazard fencing Jeremy’s Jeremy Barber 720459  
Fluorescent waistcoats Jeremy’s Jeremy Barber 720459  
Race signage (L2SOTM)
  • Caution Runners
  • Direction arrows
  • Race Finish
  • Parking (4 with arrows)
  • 1km to 9km signs
Fiona’s Fiona Gould 720709 Not available on the morning of the second Sunday of each month!
Urn for boiling water LCA store - Village hall Fiona Gould 720709  
Hot jug (for coffee/tea) LCA store - Village hall Fiona Gould 720709  
We have a scanner to transfer 35mm or 110mm negatives or slides onto a PC. David Wright's David Wright 720598  
Coin counter LCA store - village hall Fiona Gould 720709  Very useful, especially if you are running a large event and have lots of cash to count
Book: Hawker VC RFC ACE LCA store - village hall Fiona Gould 720709

The life of Major Lanoe Hawker, VC DSO, 1890 - 1916 by Tyrrel Hawker MC

Union Jack bunting Village Hall container Fiona Gould  720709




The first of three defibrillators is now installed outside the village hall and a second is currently held behind the bar at The Cricketers. This will be moved outside when we have listed building consent. A third is planned for Forton.

Longparish Community Association (LCA) is a membership organisation founded by the village in 2006. Our Registered Charity Number is 1113832. Our aims are to enhance the lives of the people of Longparish by providing opportunities for recreation and leisure.

We organise events and we sponsor and support a number of groups and activities.

Joining the LCA

Forms here

Supporting the Local Community

We act as an umbrella organisation, offering support for people wanting to start a group or activity in the village and for existing village organisations.

We can provide banking facilities, start-up loans, grants for equipment, cash flow support, public liability insurance and grants for group organisers to attend training to run their own activities. This includes MiDAS training for people prepared to drive a minibus to support community activities. There is a separate article about the benefits we offer our Affiliates.

We have a range of equipment that can be borrowed by Individual and Affiliate Members.

If you would like to make a donation to our activities you can do so here

We have a Facebook page where we will also try to keep you up to date with what's going on and you can comment. Even better, you can join our Facebook Group, where you can post things yourself.

Calling all LCA members! The start of a New Year means that membership of the LCA is due for renewal. An annual subscription costs £1 per person and will last until 31st December 2016.

The LCA Coffee Shop in the village hall is open from 10 am - 12 noon on the second Friday of the month.  Drop in with your friends, children, parents. Everyone is welcome.

For £1 you can enjoy a cup of tea or delicious ground coffee and biscuits.

If you have recently moved into Longparish: Welcome!

Do please let us know that you've arrived, and we will make sure you get an invitation to the next New Villagers' Welcome Party: food, drink and an opportunity to meet some longer-toothed residents and find out more about what happens here.

You will find lots of information about the village and its community activities here on the website. You may also be interested in receiving emails about things happening in the village; if so, do contact the LCA to let us know. If you are on facebook, you can see the LCA page and ask to join the LCA Group.

Now that we have the projector and screen in our lovely refurbished village hall the LCA have started a new season of films. Emma Smith is kindly masterminding these events on the third Monday of each month.

The only major companies not covered by our licence are Sony and Warner BrosDVDs (or other media intended for private home use) of the following Producers and Distributors are available for use by MPLC Licensed Activity Centre

There are thousands of films that we can show under our licence. Whether you fancy organising a cartoon afternoon for the children during the holidays, showing a Star Wars or Star Trek marathon; watching some classic film or Ealing comedy with friends, there are loads of options. If you want a few ideas, read on.

We are keen to encourage people in Longparish to make use of this licence and the brilliant audio-visual facilities at the Village Hall.  There is more guidance below.

Please find below a series of simple guides to charities and the responsibilities of charity trustees published by the NCVO (National Council for Voluntary Organisations) and the Advocacy Project at the end of 2016.

Here is a short, no-nonsense guide to the duties of a charity trustee.

You can join the LCA as an individual member whether or not you live in Longparish; local voluntary and non-profit organisations can become affiliated to the LCA.

We offer Affiliate Groups a range of benefits.

The route is 5km long (about 3.1 miles) and (nearly) pancake-flat: it rises a few feet along Nun's Walk on the stretch between 'Ford' and 'Pit (dis)' on the southeast leg. With the exception of a few yards of gravel drive past Mill House, the route is on tarmac road.

There are a number of versions of the entry form: ODF and Word documents which you can download, complete and email or a PDF which you can print and deliver by hand or post:

One day, David will probably make an online entry form

It's always nice when people volunteer to help out, either with putting the signs out; with the time-keeping; or helping to feed the returning hordes. Here are a few notes to show how easy it is.